Whistler Vacation Rental Taxes and Guest Booking Fees

Avoid Whistler VRBO Taxes & Fees.

Ask about hotel taxes, parking and fees before booking your vacation rental.

It’s important to ask all the right questions about your Whistler vacation rental pricing before making your reservations and paying the rental deposit.

Two private homes may look the same and charge the same, but one may cost you quite a bit more in undisclosed taxes and fees.

Some—but not all—Whistler owners are required to charge tax, and some charge  separate cleaning, parking or guest fees that are not included in the nightly rate. 

It’s important to ask about taxes and fees in advance and get the terms of your rental contract in writing.

Whistler Pet Friendly RentalsVacation Rental Pet Fees

And if you’re planning on bringing Fido, you will want to ask about any associated pet fees, some places will add an extra cleaning charge when bringing your furry friend.

Damage Deposits on Vacation Rentals?

Another area where travellers sometimes get blind sided is the damage deposit. Many owners require one, which is understandable, as they’ve likely invested $500,000 or more in their rental. However, it’s important that your contract includes a description of what constitutes “damage” and under what conditions the deposit will or will not be returned.


Whistler Parking FeesParking Fees

One final piece of advice: if you’re driving to Whistler, be aware that some building complexes charge extra for parking your car—as much as $20 per night! Definitely ask the owner about these fees before you book, as they can have a substantial impact on the cost of your stay.

Bonus Tip… Guest Booking Fees

Just announced in 2016, all Expedia, HomeAway and VRBO vacation rentals will have a 4% to 16% guest booking fee applied as the vacation rental payment is processed.

This new fee is labeled ‘Service Fee’ and it goes straight to Expedia, HomeAway, or VRBO.

To avoid booking service fees like these, search around for the rental property name or do a Google image search. You can likely find the same vacation rental on other websites that don’t charge guest fees. Connect directly with the owner and then book through the website without the fees.

For Whistler vacation rentals without guest service fees, check out 50+ trusted rental homes on ResortAc.com or WhistlerbyOwner.com

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March 16, 2016


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